Yasmin Ibrahim Mohamed was born in Sudan. A vocalist and songwriter, Yasmin arrived in Australia in 2005, and started performing with her Australian group the same year. She performs African music, blending traditional songs and improvisation with modern styles. Her eclectic repertoire also includes reggae afro-jazz and kwassa kwassa.

Yasmin’s music inspires audiences of all ages and nationalities with its warmth, depth and beauty. Listeners who have never before heard Sudanese music crowd the dance floor at her concerts, entranced by the hypnotic combination of gorgeous melody, soaring voice, and irresistible rhythm.

Fanous includes experienced Australian and African musicians playing piano/keyboard, bass, guitar, drums, African percussion and vocals. The music is a combination of strong, exciting African rhythms and melodies with a beautiful western flavour, blending together in rich harmonic tones. Yasmin is a charming and beautiful singer who captivates the hearts of any audience. In January 2012, Yasmin released her debut album, accompanied by a successful music tour music tour to Sudan. She also conducted a very successful music tour to Qatar, Emirate and Sudan 2013-2014 and to Oman and Sudan 2015-2016. In 2019 Yasmin participated in Homland Music tour in Asutralia organised by SSI and BEMAC.

In Sudan, Yasmin performed with the Sawra band, which released two albums. Sawra recordings were widely aired on TV and radio, and Sawra participated in several festivals – as well as performing regular concerts in many Sudanese cities and towns to high media acclaim.

Yasmin was born into an artistic and creative family in Khartoum, Sudan’s imposing capital by the Nile. She was exposed to a wealth of music, and as a result of a lifetime of musical influences, commenced her solo performances. She recorded songs for Nile radio and Nile TV in Egypt, and for plays, radio and TV drama in Sudan. Yasmin also performed at the El-Hassahisa festival in Sudan 2008, the National Theatre, and again on a brief return to Sudan in 2010. She is also a qualified vet, works on raising environmental awareness in the community, and has experience in counselling refugees.

In Australia, Yasmin performs with her group around Sydney, including Musica Viva, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Camelot Lounge, Django Bar, Foundry 616, Petersham Bowling Club, Addison Rd Centre, Grass Roots World Music Festival, Haldon Street Festival, Auburn Festival, The African Festival of Culture, New Beginning Festival, Refugee Week, Riverwood Festival, and several performances for the Australian Centre for Languages, University of Sydney and for the African community. Yasmin has also performed around Australia, including Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and and Canberra. She has been interviewed for ABC Radio, SBS, Koori Radio, Eastside Radio, 2SER Radio, SkidRow Radio, FBI Radio and Radio Monte Carlo when her songs have also been broadcasted.