Fanous is a traditional lamp which people used to use in Sudan when electricity wasn’t available. Actually, people still use it when they experience a blackout, which is not uncommon. The Fanous is so intimate and alive in our memories. It is the tool to light up the darkness and guide us to where everything is clear, safe and peaceful. The Fanous is a symbol of a guide from the darkness in this world to where we find things that we love: love itself, peace, freedom and hope.

I have always been inspired by my father, a poet and artist who never lost his faith in what people can do to overcome their sorrow, sadness and feelings of injustice. I was touched by the way he carried hope and ambition of salvation (exactly as a Fanous) to his people, expressing that in poem, story or pictures.
I have been moved by people in this life, their happiness, sadness, suffering, strength, passion and hope, which always make me look for lyrics and music that reflects those emotions and situations. I hope my songs will touch your heart, soul and mind.